Iran in Brief

While talking about the rising tensions between Tehran and Washington, EU foreign affairs chief, Josep Borrell said Europe is just as concerned as...More
The police chief of Marvdasht city in Fars province announced that 11 citizens have been arrested for running an Instagram page that “created an...More
The commander of Mohammad Rasulullah said that the victims of November’s protests have not been separated and there are no statistics available...More
The foreign ministry of Albania deported two diplomats of the Islamic Republic of Iran from Albania. The foreign minister of Albania released a...More
Hossein Rahimi, the chief of police of Greater Tehran claimed that during the November protests in Iran, many ordinary people were hurt but not a...More
Civil Rights activist Atena Daemi was transferred to Ward 2-A in Evin prison which is under the control of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)...More
Incarcerated university student Saha Rezaei was transferred from Evin prison to Gharchak prison without prior notice due to her hunger strike and...More
Despite the 10 percent decrease in the budget of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the chairman of the army’s ideological and political...More
The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) released a statement in response to the U.S attack on Sunday against an Iran-backed militia group in...More
Ali Ozmaei, the commander of the 5th area of the IRGC Navy announced that an oil tanker has been detained on the charge of “smuggling fuel” in the...More
The Air Quality Control office in Tehran announced that the amount of air pollution in Tehran has reached a level that Tehran’s air has become...More
In a joint statement, 135 Iranian documentary film makers sympathized with the families of the victims of November protests in Iran and said: “We...More
In a video message to journalist Masih Alinejad on Wednesday, the grandmother of Pouya Bakhtiari urged the Islamic Republic officials to release her...More
The spokesperson for the 2020 budgetary committee announced that the government has decided on allocating 1 trillion and 855 billion tomans in the...More
Deputy of Literacy at the Ministry of Education announced that in the 10 to 49-year-old population in Iran, over 2 million are illiterate. Alireza...More