Iran in Brief

Ten Iraqi members of an Iran-backed militia were killed in an airstrike near their position in the east of Syria close to the Iraqi border. According...More
According to reports, a Taliban delegation has met with Islamic Republic of Iran's officials in Tehran. The members of the Taliban political office...More
In a phone conversation with Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi of Iraq, the US secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that the attacks against Saudi...More
A group of HEPCO workers blocked Iran’s north-south railroad in protest to their delayed paychecks and benefits. According to state-owned IRNA on...More
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for the recent attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities. Pompeo tweeted: “Tehran is behind nearly 100...More
The Foreign Ministry of Germany issued a statement on Sunday condemning the attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities: “There can be no justification...More
Rasoul Khezri, member of the social committee in Iran’s parliament announced that over 40 percent of the society suffers from some form of mental...More
France, Britain, Germany, and the European Union issued a joint statement expressing deep concerns about Iran’s nuclear activities including...More
Marshall Billingslea, the Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing in the US Treasury accused the Quds Force of running an “oil for terrorism...More
In response to the death of Sahar Khodayari (Blue girl), the sports fan who committed suicide after being sentenced to prison for entering a stadium...More
Negar Moazam the woman whose video of singing in Abyaneh village went viral earlier this year, has been sentenced to ten years in prison by the...More
The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic, Abbas Mousavi, condemned the joint statement of four Arab countries about Iran...More
During the Wednesday cabinet meeting, on the issue of education for students with other religions, the minister of education, Mohsen Haji Mirzaei...More
After a summit in Cairo, a committee of the representatives of four Arab countries of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain issued a statement...More
The family of Farhad Salmanpour Zahir, a former political prisoner who was once again arrested three weeks ago say that he was beating heavily during...More
Amnesty International issued a statement on Monday condemning the recent “cruel” and “unjust” prison and lashing sentences for labor rights activists...More
President Trump once again talked about the possibility of meeting with his Iranian counterpart, President Rouhani. Hours after Prime Minister...More