Iran in Brief

The Federal Court of California has charged two individuals for violating US sanctions against Iran The two, 74-year-old Richard Lent and 56-year-old...More
The Islamic Republic’s Defense Ministry officials announced the upcoming reveal of Bavar-373 missile defense system, which has been referred to as...More
The German government has arrested a German-Afghani citizen on the suspicion of spying for the Islamic Republic of Iran. The suspect has worked as a...More
The Special Clergy Court of Iran sentenced political science professor Sadegh Zibakalam to one year in prison. According to Etemad Online, Zibakalam...More
The head of Army’s political and ideological office, Abbas Mohammad Hasani says: “In current conditions, bearing children is a form of Jihad, and...More
The foreign ministry of France once again confirmed that the European mechanism for trade with Iran known as INSTEX is now operational and a line of...More