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US officials: Attack against Saudi Arabia was launched from South of Iran

American officials told CBS News that the attack against the Saudi oil facilities was launched from an area in the south of Iran and North of Persian Gulf. 

American officials told CBS News on Tuesday that since Saudi Arabia’s air defense was directed toward the south to repel any potential attack from Houthis of Yemen, they were unable to defend against the drones and missiles. 

In a speech at the Heritage Foundation, Vice President Mike Pence announced that the United States is reviewing the evidence and documents regarding the attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities and is ready to defend its interests and allies in the middle east. 

Previously, President Trump had warned that the United States is ready for a military response to the attack against Saudi Facilities.

"The United States of America will take whatever action is necessary to defend our country, our troops, and our allies in the Gulf. You can count on it," Pence declared. 

The attack on Saturday against two major Saudi Arabian oil facilities knocked out half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production. 

Iran-backed Houthis of Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack and warned Saudi Arabia that their target “will keep expanding.” 

The foreign minister of Kuwait has called on his country’s armed forces to be on full alert and announced that his country will stand with Saudi Arabia against those responsible for the attacks.

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