US: Maximum pressure campaign works and it will continue

The US Secretary of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, announced that there are no plans for a meeting between President Trump and President Hassan Rouhani.

In an interview with CNBC, Mnuchin also stated that the “Maximum Pressure Campaign” against Iran will continue.

President Trump has repeatedly announced his willingness to negotiate with Iran, but the Islamic Republic officials only accept negotiations on the condition that all US sanctions against Iran are lifted.

Mnuchin emphasized that the president’s national security team is “implementing the maximum pressure campaign” and “there is no doubt that this policy is working.”

The Treasury Secretary said the sanctions on Iran have been effective and can help pressure Iran’s leaders into negotiation.

“We cut off their revenue and if they return to the negotiation table, that is why. They will return,” Mnuchin added.

According to Mnuchin, the US policy toward Iran is similar to the US policy against China for trade talks, adding: “If the president can get a good deal that he talked about before, we will negotiate with Iran, otherwise we will continue our maximum pressure campaign.”

After John Bolton’s resignation, there were rumors about a change in US policy toward the Islamic Republic, and that the United States might agree to President Macron’s proposal regarding the $15 billion credit line for Iran. But the State and Treasury secretaries issued a joint statement saying Bolton’s removal will not affect the maximum pressure campaign policy toward Iran.

On Wednesday’s press conference, President Trump did not dismiss the rumors about lifting some economic sanctions against Iran and the possibility of meeting with President Rouhani and said: “We’ll see what happens.”



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