U.S Adds 17 Institutions and 14 Individuals to the List of Sanctions


U.S treasury added 14 individuals and 17 institutions in connection with Iran to the list of sanctions.

With the new sanctions, Brian Hook, the chairman of Iran Action Group also announced that the U.S will no longer issue waivers of exemption from sanctions for any country.

He said in an interview that U.S will not exempt or exclude any country from its campaign of pressure on Iran.

Hook stated that the sanctions have reduced Iran’s oil revenue by billions of dollars and added: “The Trump administration will negotiate with any government that wants to violate our sanctions.” According to Hook, this administration’s attitude “toward Iran is much different that all the previous administrations.”

After leaving the JCPOA, the American officials have repeatedly stated that they plan on reducing Iran’s oil export to zero in order to change Tehran’s behavior in its support of terrorism and expansionism.

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