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Ukraine Says Iran 'Hiding' Information Over Airliner Downed In 2020

Ukraine’s deputy general prosecutor has appealed to Iran to share information about its assertion that ten people have been charges in the shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger plane in January 2020.

Iran’s military prosecutor announced April 6 that it has indicted ten people for their role in firing two missiles at the airliner after it took off from Imam Khomeini international airport in Iran, hours after an Iranian missile attack on US bases in Iraq on January 8, 2020.

But Ukraine’s Deputy General Prosecutor Gunduz Mammadov issues a statement on April 14, saying that his country has no official information from Tehran except media reports. Based on international law, Mammadov says, Iran must share information about the incident that killed all 176 people onboard.

“Therefore, we conclude that the competent authorities of Iran deliberately hide the real circumstances” of the incident, the announcement says.

Iran for months refused to share the flight recorders with countries whose citizens were killed in the incident and has refused to share much information.

Ukraine and Canada, which had 55 citizens and 30 permanent residents on the flight, demanded that Iran be more transparent in its investigation and share greater information. Iran and Ukraine held talks in 2020, during which Tehran promised a full report. Both Canada and Ukraine condemned the technical report(link is external) published by Iran in March.

The prosecutor's office said that the Ukraine will insist on restoring the timeline of the events of the day of the downing of the plane and establishing a causal connection with the actions of the persons accused in Iran.

Last week, Ukraine’s foreign ministry said Iran was “manipulating when it says that during two rounds of talks, explanations were given about the causes of the disaster.” Kyiv insisted it would not accept “just any version” of the plane’s downing without “real evidence.” Tehran has offered $150,000 in compensation for each victim, while families have opened legal action in Canadian and reportedly American courts.

Iran failed to close its civilian airspace amid tense circumstances after its missile attack on US bases when it was expecting a possible retaliation. Tehran authorities say the missile operator committed a “human error” by mistaking the plane for an enemy aircraft, but Ukraine and others reject that explanation as insufficient to determine responsibility.

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