Three Australian citizens arrested in Iran

The foreign ministry of Australia confirmed the arrest of three Australian citizens in Iran.

"The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is providing consular assistance to the families of three Australians detained in Iran," a spokesperson announced on Wednesday. "Due to our privacy obligations, we will not comment further."

The statement was released after Times newspaper announced that two Australian-British women and an Australian man were being held in Evin prison.

According to the Times, a female blogger traveling through Asia with her boyfriend, and a Cambridge University graduate and professor were arrested in two separate cases. Times adds that they were arrested 10 weeks ago.

The British trade minister told Skynews that the issue is quite concerning, and the British government will do everything in its power to support the British citizens incarcerated in Iran.

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: "The foreign secretary met the Iranian ambassador this morning and raised serious concerns about the number of dual national citizens detained by Iran and their conditions of detention."

The Australian government has warned its citizens about traveling to Ira: “There is a risk that foreigners, including Australians, could be arbitrarily detained or arrested in Iran. We can’t guarantee consular access if you are detained or arrested. We also can’t guarantee access to legal representation.”

Alistair Burt, a former foreign minister of UK, told BBC: “Hostage-taking appears to have become part of Iranian policy. It makes it very difficult for those who want a different relationship with Iran to get on the front foot with those who regard it as unremittingly hostile.”


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