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Saudi Arabia will not negotiate with Iran: Adel Jubeir

In an interview with the French newspaper Liberation, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, Adel Al-Jubeir, once again stated that Iran was behind the attack on Saudi Arabian Aramco oil facilities and denied any negotiations with Iranian officials.

Jubeir said in the interview: “Our European allies know well that the most important issue is to prevent Iran from accessing nuclear weapons and stopping the development of ballistic missiles. There is no disagreement on this issue. Now the question is how can we achieve this goal? Negotiation of pressure? This is the subject of our discussions with Europe. We believe maximum pressure is the only way.”

Regarding the efforts made by France to mediate between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States, Jubeir said: “We think that appeasement doesn't work. Actions count, not words. Members of the Iranian government talk, but have no power. Those who have, like the Revolutionary Guards, don't want to negotiate."

Iranian officials have made it clear in the past that all the major policy decisions in Iran are made by the supreme leader and not the government.

On the topic of regime change in Iran, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia stated: “We are not talking about regime change. That is for the Iranian people to decide. We want a change in the regime’s behavior. Iran must act like a normal state.”

About a month ago, Saudi Arabian oil facilities were attacked by drones and cruise missiles which dropped the country’s oil production to half for a few days. The Iran-backed militia in Yemen, Houthis, claimed responsibility for the attack, but the US, Saudi Arabia, and several European countries have blamed Iran directly for the attack and say Houthis do not have such military and technological capabilities.

Jubeir also mentioned that Saudi Arabia has been holding talks between Yemen’s overthrown government and the separatists in the south. He said it is crucial to end the differences and turn the focus back to battling the Iran-backed Houthis and al-Qaeda.


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