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Saudi Arabia: Houthis are Attacking Saudi Arabia with Iranian Missiles

First Secretary at Saudi Permanent Mission to the United Nation, Abeer Danish, accused the Islamic Republic of providing Ballistic missiles to Houthis militia in Yemen.

According to Afif website, so far 199 missiles have been shot at Arabia.

Danish stated: “Iran is after creating chaos, sectarian violence, and radicalism in the region, and Houthis shot these missiles at Saudi Arabia with Iran’s blessing and support.”

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly accused Iran of supporting Houthis in Yemen by sending them weapons. The Islamic Republic authorities deny these allegations.

In 2015, Houthis backed by Iran captured the capital city of Sana’a and overthrew the government in Yemen. Since then the coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia entered a war with Yemen. So far this war has had over 10000 casualties and over 8 million people are suffering from hunger and famine.


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