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Reporters Without Borders Responds to Ambassador Baeidinejad


After a tweet by Hamid Baeidinejad, the Islamic Republic ambassador to the United Kingdom, in which he claimed “Iran International” employees have asked the Iranian embassy for help, the Reporters Without Borders organization asked the ambassador to follow up on the condition of Iranian journalists in prison.

The Islamic Republic ambassador had recently claimed that their embassy is prepared to help any Iran International employee to leave this network: “After the ties between some Persian speaking channels, specifically Iran International, and the Saudis were exposed, some of their employees have contacted the embassy and expressed concerns about legal action if they choose to end their cooperation with the channel. The embassy can provide great legal counsel for these individuals.”

In response to the Islamic Republic ambassador’s act of charity, the Reporters Without Borders responded sarcastically to Baeidinejad in a Tweet and asked him for a favor:

“Dear Mr. Baeidinejad, thank you for caring about the conditions of Iranian journalists. Could you please help journalists Mohammad Sharifi Moghaddam, Kasra Nouri, Amir Nouri, Reza Entesari, Sina Entesari, and Hengameh Shahidi who have disappeared in prison and have not had access to their attorneys in the last two months?”



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