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Protests and crackdowns continue in Iraq


As the anti-government protests continue in Iraq, reports indicate that at least six protesters have been killed by the security forces in southern cities of Basra and Nasiriyah and dozens were injured.

According to the Iraq Human Rights Council, in Nasiriyah alone, 3 were killed and 71 were injured. Sky News reported that Iraqi security forces on Sunday night used live rounds to disperse the crowd in Karbala’s city center.

The hospitals reported that at least 24 protesters were injured in Karbala.

Reports also indicate that for the third night in a row, security forces clashed with a large number of protesters in Baghdad, while in the past 24 hours, 13 protesters have been killed in different cities of Iraq including Baghdad.

The spokesperson for Iraq’s Ministry of Interior announced that during the clashes on Saturday, three were killed and over 100 were injured, out of which 30 were from the security and law enforcement forces.

The anti-government protests in Iraq began almost two months ago with economic and anti-corruption demands. With the crackdown on the protests, the protesters demanded massive political reforms and government’s resistance against Iran’s influence in Iraq.

Since the beginning of Iraq protests, at least 330 have been killed and thousands injured. Many protesters across Iraq have chanted against the Islamic Republic regime of Iran, its officials, and Iran’s influence in Iraq.

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