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President of Ukraine warns Iran: Return the black boxes or face international courts

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Iran that if it will not comply to its commitments regarding the Ukrainian plane that was shot down by IRGC missiles, Ukraine will bring its complaint to international courts.

On Sunday, Zelensky told a Canadian newspaper: This is not just about the black boxes. They have made other promises. They must officially apologize and pay retribution. They must do what they promised.

He went on to issue a warning: “If not, we have no recourse but to complain to international courts, and they (Iran) know our position.”

According to the newspaper, Zelensky also agreed with Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trudeau about putting more pressure on Iran to deliver the black boxes.

While referring to the excuses made by Iranian officials about the coronavirus pandemic being the cause of the delay in delivering the black boxes, the Ukrainian president said this problem cannot be tolerated forever.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company has reported that there are concerns that the Islamic Republic is planning on using the Ukrainian plane issue as a Bargaining tool for consulate services in Canada.

Canada cut all diplomatic ties with Iran in 2012 due to human rights concerns, influences in Canada, and threatening international peace and stability.


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