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President Trump: Iran made a very big mistake

Before his meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Trump was asked about his response to Iran shooting down an American drone in the Persian Gulf.

President Trump stated: “Iran made a big mistake. This drone was in International waters, we have it documented, scientifically, not just words. They made a very bad mistake."

When asked about his response to Iran’s action, President Trump only said “you will find out” and refused to elaborate, saying: “Obviously we’re not going to talk too much about it. You’re going to find out.”

Trump tried not to take a clear position on the issue and even said that it might have been an actual mistake: “I would imagine it was a general or somebody who made a mistake in shooting the drone. The drone was clearly over international waters. If there was a person in the drone, it would have made a big difference.”

He once again stated: “I have a feeling, maybe wrong, or maybe right, that it was a mistake by somebody who shouldn’t have been doing what they did. I’m not necessarily saying the country, but I think somebody under the command of the country made that mistake.”

When asked to clarify whether he means it was intentional or not, President Trump said: “I don’t know. I find it hard to believe that it was intentional. I believe it could have been somebody stupid that did it. But we will report back what happened. But it was a foolish move, that I can tell you.”

President Trump denied any pressure from his administration to go to war.

At the end of his press conference, he stated: “The shooting of the drone was a new wrinkle, a fly in the ointment, and this country will not stand for it.”

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