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Pompeo: US will impose more sanctions on Iran

Mike Pompeo says Washington will impose more sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

During a summit with leaders of Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Pompeo described sanctions against the Islamic Republic as effective and said we will impose heavier sanctions on them.

Yesterday, the US Treasury Department added Mohammad Javad Zarif, the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic on the list of sanctions.

President Rouhani called this decision “childish” and due to American officials’ “fear” of Zarif’s “logic and interviews”.

The European Union also expressed regret and announced that they will continue to work with Zarif as the highest-ranking Iranian diplomat.

France, Germany, and Britain have opposed the decision and say the doors to diplomacy must remain open.

Pompeo on the other side has praised the decision, calling Zarif “complicit to the crimes of Khamenei’s mafia”.

Previously, President Trump had issued an executive order sanctioning the leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei, and his office.


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