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Pompeo: U.S Welcomes a Call from Iranian Officials

U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says: “Despite Iran’s threatening activities against the United States in the middle east, the American government is ready for negotiations with the Islamic Republic.”

On Saturday, Pompeo told CNBC that the Trump administration “welcomes” a call for negotiation from Iranian officials.

He added that the United States is “seeking peaceful diplomatic solutions” for the issues between the two countries, “and this is completely reasonable.

While emphasizing that the United States is not seeking military conflict with Iran, Pompeo stated: “We will not make a calculation error. Our goal is not war, it is to change the behavior of Iranian leaders.”

One day before Pompeo’s comments, President Trump stated that he is still waiting for the Islamic Republic officials to call him to talk about the issues and reaching a new nuclear agreement.

CNN reported from a reliable source that the Trump administration has provided the Swiss embassy in Tehran with a phone number for the Islamic Republic officials to call if they desire.

In response to the United States’ announcement, Abbas Araghchi, the political deputy foreign minister of Iran said: “If it comes to that, they have our number.”

He added: “In order to exit these difficult conditions that Trump has created for himself and the United States, there is no need for a mediator or a phone number.”

Pompeo also stated that the target of U.S sanctions is the Islamic Republic officials and not the ordinary Iranian people.

He described the Islamic Republic as a “kleptocracy” that “has stolen billions of dollars and spends Iranian people’s money on proxy wars across the world.”


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