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Pompeo: Khamenei doesn’t was progress for Palestinians

In a series of tweets, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded to a tweet about the Israel-Palestine peace plan by the leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei

Pompeo described Khamenei’s tweet about the Palestinian people as “faux concern” and said: “Under his (Khamenei’s) reign of terror he provided less than $20,000 in aid (to Palestinians) since 2008, while sending millions to Hamas & other terrorists. In contrast, U.S. provided $6.3 billion in support to Palestinians since 1994.”

Khamenei’s Twitter account tweeted on Saturday: “The plot of ‘Deal of the Century’, which is being worked on by the oppressive U.S. and its traitorous cohorts, is a crime committed against humankind not just the Palestinian nation.”

Pompeo continued in another tweet: “It’s sick that on the eve of Tish Abav - a solemn day for the Jewish people - Khamenei calls for violence against the Jewish state.

“Khamenei doesn’t see “progress” as prosperity for the Palestinian people, but Palestinian terrorists switching from rocks to rockets to kill more Jews,” Pompeo declared. “The Iranian people don’t want this; they deserve leadership behaviors that reflect their greatness.”

Khamenei has urged this year’s pilgrims in Mecca to condemn Israel and its supporters, while the Saudi Arabian officials have asked the pilgrims not to politicize Hajj and focus on its religious aspect.  


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