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Pompeo asks Germany to support Security Council resolution against Iran

Mike Pompeo, the U.S Secretary of State, asked his German counterpart to support the U.S resolution to send Iran’s case to the Security Council.

On his trip to Germany, Pompeo called the Islamic Republic “the number one supporter of terrorism in the world” and said he hopes Germany and the Security Council can take steps against Iran’s activities.

Pompeo also demanded Germany to sanction Hezbollah.

“With Germany standing with the members of the Security Council, we hope to stand against Iran’s destructive force,” Pompeo stated.

The U.S Secretary of State also mentioned Iran’s use of ballistic missiles and said this is a violation of 2231 resolution of the U.S Security Council.

He also supported Germany’s ban on Mahan Air, saying: “This airline is the Islamic Republic regime’s delivery system for military forces, cargo, and weapons to the middle east and it is a danger to the Europeans and the United States and others.”

Pompeo then mentioned Iran’s financial support of terrorism and said that “Iran has violated its commitments to FATF,” and that as expected, “the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world” decided not to join the Financial Action Task Force.

He also accused Iran of the attack against the oil tankers near Fujairah in order to increase the international oil prices.

At the same time, in Mecca, the members of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council demanded the world to stop Iran’s interference in the region.  


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