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Netanyahu: We neutralized an IRGC attack against Israel

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced: In a wide-range operation, we neutralized an attack against Israel by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force.”

He emphasized: “The Islamic Republic will not be immune anywhere.”

The Israeli media reported that Israeli fighter jets attacked several terrorist positions in the South of Damascus. According to the reports, these positions belonged to IRGC’s Quds Force and Shia militia who planned on terrorist attacks against Israel using suicide drones armed with explosives.”

On Sunday morning after several explosions heard in Damascus, the Syrian TV announced that the country’s air-defense has targeted several attacking objects. However, other sources reported that Israeli fighter planes shot several rockets at the military airport in the South of Damascus and there have been at least four massive explosions in the area.

It is rare for Israel’s prime minister to officially announce targeting the Quds Force, the international arm of the IRGC. In recent weeks several weapons depots and bases of the Islamic Republic were attacked and destroyed in Syria and Iraq.

Recently, Mohammad Imani, an analyst close to the IRGC had warned that Israel should not be surprised if it is targeted with drone attacks in the upcoming days, because they have brought it on themselves by attacking Iraq.


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