Netanyahu: Israel in “informal peace” with Arab states thanks to Iran


In an interview with Time Magazine, the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, talked about his government’s efforts for collaboration and forming a coalition with the Arab countries of the region against the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to Netanyahu, Israel has reached an “informal peace” with the Arab countries.

In his interview with Time Magazine published on Thursday, Netanyahu talked about President Trump’s focus on Iran’s nuclear program from the beginning of his presidency: “Obviously I agree with him completely, and I appreciate the fact that he acted on this.”

“For so many years, people first of all believed that the cause of all the conflicts in the Middle East was the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” Netanyahu says. “Well, that’s gone.”

Israel has made common cause with Sunni Arab royals, notably in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who see Iran as an implacable enemy. Israel has been sharing intelligence with Arab states. That has helped move some in those kingdoms past their historic antipathy to Israel’s existence.

The prime minister of Israel says: “Once you eliminate the idea of eliminating Israel, you can solve the problem. In many ways, the Arab governments around us have already moved.”

But Netanyahu warns that the menace and threats against Israel are not imaginary, and over time, some elements of the threat to Israel have only grown. Iran still speaks of eliminating “the Zionist entity.” The Iranian proxy force, Hizballah, has tens of thousands of rockets trained on Israel across its northern border with Lebanon.


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