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Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab resigns

Hassan Diab, the Prime Minister of Lebanon stepped down. In his comments, Diab mentioned the protests in Lebanon and said the system of corruption is bigger than the government of the country, and the political class of Lebanon is the main problem of Lebanon.

In the aftermath of the Beirut blast, several cabinet ministers and members of the parliament of Lebanon resigned in the past two days. The death toll has risen to 200, and up to another 6,000 people were wounded.

“I said that corruption is rooted in every part of the state, but I found out that corruption is greater than the state,” the prime minister said.

He continued: “A political class is using all their dirty tricks to prevent real change. The more we tried to get to them, the bigger the walls became.”

“This disaster is the result of chronic corruption,” Diab added. “The corruption network is bigger than the state.”

He added that he was “heeding people’s demand for real change. Today we will take a step back in order to stand with the people.”


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