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Kenya: Iranian Ambassador Tried to Help Terror Suspects Escape


Kenyan Media have reported that Hadi Farajvand, Iran’s ambassador to Kenya, has recently tried to help to Iranian terror suspects escape this African country, but failed.

According to the police report, Iran’s ambassador was trying to contact high-ranking Kenyan officials in order to help smuggle the two terror suspects, Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad and Seyed Mansour Mousavi, out of Kenya.

Kenyan authorities believe these two are members of Qods force (IRGC’s international operations arm). Qods Force is considered a terrorist organization by some countries.

In June of 2018, the Interpol warned about Iranian officials’ attempt at releasing the two suspects in Kenya through deals or bribery.

Last Friday, Kenyan police arrested two individuals for the suspicion of scamming the Islamic Republic ambassador. The two had falsely claimed to be employees of the State Ministry and had promised the ambassador to help him smuggle the two suspects out of Kenya.

According to Nation newspaper, when the ambassador is assured that the two will be released, he visits an airline ticket office. The cameras show him and his assistant reserving three tickets, one for himself and two in the name of the suspects.

After the ambassador realizes he was scammed he cancels the tickets. Then he contacts Kenyan authorities asking about the two Iranian suspects.

The two Iranians were sentenced to life in prison in 2013 for carrying explosives in Mombasa.

Their sentence was reduced to 15 years in the appeal court, and in 2018 they were ordered to be released, but the attorney general opposed their release and they are now awaiting a decision.

The Kenyan police have interrogated Ambassador Farajvand. 

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