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IRGC: Our Missile Can Easily Reach the Battleships in Persian Gulf


Mohammad Saleh Jokar, the legal and parliamentary deputy at IRGC says: “Our short-range missiles can easily reach the battleships present in the Persian Gulf.”

Speaking in a mosque in the city of Yazd on Thursday, Jokar added: “Iranian missiles can hit any point in the 2000 km radius.”

His comments are made after reports surfaced about the installation of short-range missiles on Iranian boats.

However, like other Islamic Republic officials, Jokar rejected the possibility of war between Iran and the United States and said: “If there is a war in the region, the world will suffer a shortage of energy. On the other hand, the American economy cannot handle the costs of a new war and in terms of human labor and social conditions, the U.S is in a bad shape.”

While referring to the previous comments by the leader of Islamic Republic about the potential war in Syria, Jokar said that after the supreme leader announced that “any action by the United States in Syria will put their interests in danger around the world,” the United States decided not to attack Syria.

According to Jokar, not only the U.S will not attack Iran, but “The U.S has no power to attack countries like Syria, Venezuela, or North Korea either.”

He claimed that the enemy and its allies in the media are trying to create an atmosphere where negotiations seem like the only way to solve the country’s problems.


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