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An Iran Seminar in London That the Media Didn’t Cover


The Islamic Republic ambassador in London, Hamid Baeidinejad, has reported on his Instagram and Twitter page of a seminar titled “Outlooks and changes in trade between Iran and Britain”. The goal of this seminar was to review “ways to enhance relations between Iran and UK, especially under United States sanctions.”

According to Baeidinejad, the seminar was held concurrent with the visit of a delegation of 25 members of Iran’s chamber of commerce from London, and over one hundred people attended it.

The seminar was held in complete media silence, and the Iranian embassy in London has not announced the names of participants as of this moment. Among the British participants, only Lord Lamont the chairman of British Iranian chamber of commerce, and Jack Straw, former British foreign minister were named by the embassy. Most news media inside Iran have reported on the seminar based on Badieinejad’s tweet.

Jack Straw in recent years has been actively trying to improve relations between the Islamic Republic and the West, specifically Britain, to a point that some Persian media inside and outside of Iran such as ISNA have referred to him as Iran “Lobby”.



He believes that the Islamic Republic’s revolutionary era has passed and the current regime in Iran is a reasonable one which can be negotiated with. This view is strongly rejected by Iranian dissidents and the critics of the Islamic Republic.




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