Iran International's complaint against Iran’s regime for jamming satellite signals

Iran International news network announced that it will bring a complaint against the Islamic Republic regime of Iran for jamming this network’s satellite signal.

The complaint will be presented to Ofcom, Britain’s Office of Communications, which oversees media regulations in the country.

Ofcom, in turn, could refer Iran International’s complaint to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) at the United Nations. ITU is in charge of coordinating the shared global use of the radio spectrum and assigning satellite orbits.

The Islamic Republic of Iran usually jams the signals of Persian speaking new channels abroad to prevent Iranian citizens from accessing them. During events such as mass protests in Iran, the jamming of satellite signals by the regime intensifies.

Jamming satellite channels can be done in two ways of Orbital and Terrestrial, and the regime of Iran uses both methods. In Orbital jamming, the noise signals are sent directly at the satellite, disrupting its broadcast in certain areas on earth.

Terrestrial jamming is done by planting noise antennas in different areas and sending noise signals to a certain area.

The Islamic Republic does not officially claim responsibility for jamming satellite signals.


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