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Iran confirms: Rouhani sent letters to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain

The spokesman for the government of the Islamic Republic confirmed the reports about President Rouhani sending letters to the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

In his weekly press conference on Monday, Ali Rabiei said: “The president sent some letters and the basis for these letters is security, peace, and stability in the region.”

Rabiei pointed out “customs, economic, and cultural issues” and continued: The government of Iran believes numerous bipartisan relationships can be formed in the region and US pressure should not push the nations of the region away from neighbors with ancient common cultural foundations.”

“We have said repeatedly, that in order to achieve peace in the region, we need a collective will in the region,” Rabiei added.

While referring to the evacuation of US troops from northern Syria, the government spokesman said: “If US interests deem necessary, they will even use Kurdish people and then abandon them, but we are the ones with deep interests in the region.”

The spokesperson for the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic previously reported that Rouhani has sent his “Hormuz Peace” plan to the leaders of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and Iraq.

Rabiei also announced that Foreign Minister Javad Zarif will “soon send a letter about this issue to the secretary general of the United Nations.

Islamic Republic officials previously claimed that Riyadh had sent a letter to Tehran regarding reducing tensions between the two countries and a ceasefire in Yemen, to which Rabiei responded: “They sent some messages to Mr. Rouhani through other countries, but we must see the signs of change.”

However, Adil Al-Jubeir, the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia claimed Iranian officials’ accounts are “not accurate.”

Jubeir once again emphasized that Iran was responsible for the attacks on Aramco oil facilities and denied talks with Islamic Republic officials.




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