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Hook: Children of Iranian officials live rich lives in America

In an exclusive interview with Iran International, the US Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook, said: “You only need to look around the world and on Facebook and Instagram to see the rich conditions in which the children of Islamic Republic officials live.”

He continued: “Their children live rich and comfortable lives in the United States and other countries while Iranian people live in terrible conditions. If this is not the regime’s hypocrisy, what is?”

Regarding the economic sanctions, Hook stated that the United States is pleased with the impact of maximum pressure campaign on Iran’s proxy wars and that Us wants to increase the cost of the regime’s foreign policy.

The chairman of Iran Action Group also declared that the United States will always stand with the Iranian people.

Hook also mentioned a recent scandal in Iran where subsidized currency for drugs and basic goods was lost: “We recently found out that $1 billion dollars have disappeared, a budget that can provide medicine for the Iranian people.”

“President Rouhani needs to stop his malign behavior. They suppress the Iranian people and at the same time export terrorism around the world. This is the 40-year vicious cycle that we are trying to destroy,” said Hook.

He continued: “Our foreign policy is focused on raising the cost of the regime’s foreign policy. We want the regime to spend the money that it sends to Assad on the Iranian people. They spend their money on their militia in Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Houthis in Yemen. Every single one of those dollars belongs to the Iranian people.”

“What we want from the regime is pretty much what the Iranian people want. And that is to stop supporting wars abroad and waste the wealth of the Iranian people. It is time for Iran to decide whether it wants to act like a normal country or paralyze its economy. Logic should win in the end.”



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