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Germany designates Hezbollah as a terrorist organization

The German Federal Ministry of Interior announced that it has designated Hezbollah of Lebanon as a terrorist organization and all activities of the paramilitary group are forbidden in this country.

Before this, only the activities of the military arm of Hezbollah, which is considered a terrorist organization by the EU, was illegal in Germany. But now, even the activities of the political branch of Hezbollah, which specifically holds anti-Israel rallies, has become illegal.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior also tweeted on Thursday that since morning a number of police operations were performed in several areas that are believed to be connected with Hezbollah.

According to the German media, these locations include three mosques in Berlin, one mosque in the north of the country, and one center for Lebanese refugees in Dortmund.

Security officials in Germany say that at least 1050 people in the country have ties to Hezbollah.

The Foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Mass stated: “Hezbollah denies Israel’s right to exist, threatens it with violence and terror and has increased its rocket arsenal.”

In response to Germany’s decision, the Foreign Minister of Israel thanked the German government and hoped that other European countries would make similar decisions.



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