Germany and Netherland Stop Military Training in Iraq Due to Potential Threat from Iran | Iran International

Germany and Netherland Stop Military Training in Iraq Due to Potential Threat from Iran


Germany and Netherlands announced that they will suspend all their military training programs in Iraq due to rising tensions in the region.

According to Focus, a spokesperson for the German Defense Ministry said that Germany has received signals indicating potential attacks from Iran.

The spokesperson added that this does not mean that Germany will stop its military training programs in Iraq in the upcoming days.

The Dutch ANP news agency also announced on Wednesday that the country will suspend its military training of Iraqi forces in Erbil due to security reasons.

The decision to suspend military training by Germany and Netherlands comes at the same time as the U.S decides to evacuate its non-essential diplomatic staff from Baghdad and Erbil.

In a warning issued by the U.S government to its citizens regarding travel to Iraq, it is stated that “American citizens could be targets of violence and kidnapping.”

The U.S State Department has warned American citizens that “numerous terrorist groups are active in Iraq and they constantly attack Iraqi forces and civilians.”

This decision was made after tensions escalated between Iran and the U.S and Pompeo’s unexpected visit to Iraq last week.

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