France urges Iran to reverse its breach of the nuclear deal


The French President Emanuel Macron issued a statement saying he had "noted with concern" Tehran's overstepping of the limit set by the nuclear deal (JCPOA), and he urged Iran to immediately reduce its enriched uranium reserves to the amount allowed by the JCPOA and abstain from any other steps that would threaten the deal.

A year after the United States decided to leave the nuclear deal, Iran announced that it would gradually scale down its compliance with its commitments in the agreement.

Macron said on Tuesday that he would continue in the coming days to work towards a resolution for the current tensions between Iran and the US that would see Tehran "fully respect its obligations and continue to benefit from the economic advantages of the (JCPOA) deal."

A few hours ago, Presidents Macron and Trump talked on the phone about Iran’s decision to exceed the agreement’s enrichment limit. In their conversation, President Trump reportedly emphasized the “maximum pressure” policy against Iran.

The IAEA announced on Monday that Iran has exceeded its limit for enriched uranium allowed under the nuclear deal.

Meanwhile, tensions between Iran and the United States is rising in the Persian Gulf, with several tankers being allegedly attacked by Iran and an American drone being shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Tehran has announced that its decision to scale down compliance with the JCPOA is reversible.

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