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FIFA: Women have to be allowed into football stadiums in Iran

FIFA Warns Iran to Lift Ban on Women Entering Stadiums

FIFA president Gianni Infantino says the ban on women attending football matches in Iran is "unacceptable" and must be lifted.

In a statement on Thursday, September 19, Infantino announced that the organization is expecting “positive developments” in this regard:

"We understand there are steps and processes that need to be taken before this is done in a proper and safe way but now is the moment to change things and FIFA is expecting positive developments starting in the next Iran home match in October."

The statement continues: “I am hopeful that the Iranian Federation and the Iranian authorities were receptive to our repeated calls to address this unacceptable situation."

"I contacted them several times in the recent past and so has the FIFA administration. We have a delegation of FIFA members in Iran at the moment and I am looking forward to hearing good news from them,” he added.

The Islamic Republic regime of Iran put a ban in place on women entering football stadiums shortly after the revolution in 1979. Despite the ban not being in the constitution, it has never been lifted.

The statement emphasizes: “Our position is clear and firm. Women have to be allowed into football stadiums in Iran.”

In recent days, the self-immolation and later death of Sahar Khodayari, known as the “blue girl” (supporter of one of Iran’s major football teams that wear blue) caught international attention. Khodayari committed suicide after receiving a sentence of six months in prison for trying to enter a football stadium to watch a game.

Iranian officials have promised to allow women into stadiums soon. 

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