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17 Political activists call on 5+1 countries to support democracy in Iran

A group of 17 political activists inside and outside of Iran wrote a letter to the leaders of the UN Security Council member countries and Germany and asked them to support the struggle of Iranians to establish a secular and democratic state.

The activists who refer to themselves as “secular-democrat forces” called on the leaders of the governments of US, France, UK, Germany, China, and Russia to support the campaign of “transition from a theocracy to a free and democratic government through non-violent measures.”

They state that most Iranians inside and outside the country have reached the conclusion that the Islamic Republic regime is “incapable of reform” and this is shown in the “failure of the reform movement in the past 30 years” and “the violent suppression of democratic protests,” including the 2009 protests after the presidential election known as the Green Movement.

The activists claim that accepting their request could help “Iranians achieve their everlasting dream of freedom and democracy, and it is also a step toward more security in the world.”


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