14 Iranian and Iraqi fighters killed in Israel’s airstrike in Syria

Syria Human Rights Organization announced that in last night’s Israeli airstrike on the positions of Iranian forces and its militia in Syria, 14 Iranian and Iraqi fighters were killed. The number of casualties and the injured could be higher.

On Monday night, the official Syrian news agency announced that the country’s anti-air defense system has destroyed Israeli missiles that had targeted a research center in northern Syria. But the experts deny the claim that the missiles were destroyed.

Western intelligence sources say the Assad government was using that research center to produce chemical weapons with the help of Iran.

But the Syrian news agency did not mention the attack on Deir Ez-Zur on Iranian forces and their subsidiaries.

Israel has repeatedly attacked the positions of Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria. But the Israeli government rarely comments on the attacks.

According to Reuters, Iran-backed militia have several bases and advanced weapons depots in Aleppo.

Last Friday, Israeli fighter jets bombarded a weapons depot in central Syria, which caused a massive explosion. According to Syria Human Rights Organization, that weapons depot contained missiles and ammo that belonged to Hezbollah of Lebanon.


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