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Ukraine: Content of black boxes show illegal intervention

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine announced that the content of the black boxes from the Ukrainian plane that was shut down by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has confirmed “illegal intervention” in the flight. 

Yevhen Yenin announced on Friday that his country expects an Iranian delegation to travel to Ukraine next week. 

Yesterday, the French office of aviation safety announced that they have finished their review and analysis of the data from the black boxes of the Ukrainian plane after four days. 

In response, the Foreign Minister of Canada asked for the result of the investigation to be shared with the international community. 

Previously, Kathy Fox, the chair of the National Transportation Security of Canada told Iran International that there are many key questions that must be answered. 

She also stated that according to international law, Iran has the full authority to lead the investigation and publishing the results of the analysis of the black boxes. 

The families of the victims of Flight 752 have opposed Iran’s role in leading the investigation. 

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