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Three IRGC commanders dead; COVID-19 first suspect

Two retired generals and a major of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have passed away in Sari, Tehran, and Qom in the past three days from COVID-19.

Ramezan Pourghasem, the former commander of IRGC intelligence for the ground forces passed away on Tuesday in Sari. He was previously the Deputy Minister of Communications.

The media have not mentioned the cause of Pourghasem’s death but said he was hospitalized for his chemical wounds from the war.

Mohammad Haj-Abolghasemi is another retired IRGC general who passed away on Wednesday in Tehran.

Haj Abolghasemi is identified as the commander of the Fajr demolition battalion. The official reports also state “chemical injuries” during the war as the cause of his death.

Major Reza Khanirad is among the staff of the Al-Zahra Society in Qom city who passed away in Qom city. His cause of death was also documented as “war wound” related.

Most media have speculated that due to their chemical injuries, which cause respiratory problems, these commanders have been the victims of coronavirus.

Hojjatol Islam Lotfi, the Dean of Education at Al-Hadi seminary in Qom is among the clerics who have passed away. Mohammad Jamal Khalilian, a teacher at Imam Khomeini institute also passed away in Qom city.




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