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Threats against families of five prisoners on death sentence

 According to the reports, the families of five 2018 protesters who received death sentences from the revolutionary court have been receiving threats against publicizing their situation or organizing a gathering. 

The families of the prisoners and Human Rights activists are concerned about the possibility of their secret execution in Isfahan prison. 

Human rights activist Dariush reported on Thursday that the family of at least one of the prisoners was able to meet with their loved one. 

He went on to say that the family told him: “In the past few days, security forces have come to our house repeatedly and threatened us not to organize a gathering or publicize the situation or bad things will happen to you.”

Another human rights activist Shima Babaei reported that last night the officials told the prisoners that their sentences will be executed on Friday morning.

Wife of Abbas Mohammadi, one of the prisoners, has announced that if they execute him she will self immolate in front of the prison.

The relatives and friends of the prisoners had reported that the families have lost contact with the prisoners and have no information about their conditions in prison. 

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