Six years in prison for civil rights activist Farhad Maisami

The defense attorney of civil rights activist Farhad Maisami announced that the appeal court has confirmed the previous sentence of 6 years in prison for his client.

According to attorney Mohammad Moghimi, Tehran’s Revolutionary Court of appeals has confirmed “five years in prison for assembly and conspiracy against national security and one year in prison for propaganda against the regime,” for his client and only reduced the sentence of losing social rights for two years to one year.

Losing social rights include being barred from joining political and social parties or groups, media activity, social media presence, and leaving the country.

Maisami, a physician, teacher, and civil rights activist was arrested last year and charged with assembly and conspiracy against national security, propaganda against the regime, and promoting improper hijab in society.

He went on hunger strike one day after his arrest.

The incarcerated defense attorney, Nasrin Sotudeh, wrote from prison four months later: “What I know is Farhad’s life is in serious danger and I ask every aware person to do whatever they can to protect his life.”

According to Sotoudeh, Maisami’s crime was “supporting the girls of Enghelab street” in their protest mandatory hijab.

Maisami was sentenced to six years in prison by Judge Salavati. Now after one year in prison, Maisami’s sentence has been confirmed.

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