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Simultaneous fires in Semnan powerplant and Jajroud industrial complex

In the span of a few hours, two widespread fires occurred in the Jajroud industrial complex and the Shahid Bakeri power plant in Semnan.

The chief of the Semnan city fire department told the reporters that the fire at the city’s powerplant started around 1:00 pm. The fire started in the 20-million-liter gasoil reservoir. The cause of the fire is still unknown and under investigation.

A few hours earlier, chief of the fire department at Pardis city of Tehran reported a widespread fire at Jajroud industrial complex. The chief told the state-TV that the fire was reported at 6:52 am.

In recent weeks, a series of fires and explosions have occurred in Iranian infrastructures. The government has claimed that most of the incidents were accidental but has not offered explanations for the rest. The incidents have occurred in several industrial and military and nuclear zones, like the missile program area in the east of Tehran and Natanz nuclear site.

Some analysts believe that these incidents are not accidental, but in fact, planned and organized. Some in the media claim that they are related to the cyberwar between the Islamic Republic and Israel.



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