Security forces attack protesting workers in Arak

Reports indicate that workers of Azarab company in Arak were attacked by security forces on the thirteenth day of their protests and several of them have been injured.

On Sunday, the workers of Azarab company blocked the north-south railroad in protest to their delayed paychecks and their demands being ignored by the authorities.

In response, the anti-riot police attacked the gathering using teargas and batons which led to injuries.

According to the reports, some of the injured workers were transferred to Valiasr hospital in Arak but they were followed by the security forces.

A member of Arak’s city council told Fars News: “The workers demand clarification about the future of the company and its stockholders.”

Currently, Bank Keshavarzi is the main stockholder of the company which according to the workers, it “has left it to itself and does not accept any responsibility.”

The city council member criticized the fact that the workers have not been paid in three months, and added: “Currently all Azarab lines are down due to lack of demand and production, and this has made the workers concerned about their future.”

Previously, Azarab workers were summoned and accused by the security police for their support of HEPCO and Haft-Tappeh workers.

Haft Tappeh Sugarcane company in Khuzestan province is witnessing its 28th day of workers’ protests to the mass firing of workers and lack of job security.

The workers demanded the reversal of privatization of the company, the release of Esmail Bakhshi, and ending the persecution of workers.

A court in Shush recently sentenced several Haft-Tappeh workers to prison and flogging.



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