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Safavi: American bases are all within range of our missiles


Yahya Rahim Safavi, the former commander in chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the special assistant to the leader of Iran warned against military conflict in the region and claimed the rise of oil prices to $100 a barrel would be the result of the “first shot fired in the region”.

In an interview with Fars News, Safavi mentioned the existence of 25 American military bases in the region and the presence of battleships in the Persian Gulf and stated that they are all within the range of Iranian missiles.

He added: “This range is more than 300 Km and it will reach from Iran’s coast to the coast of the other country.”

Safavi continued: “The first shot fired in the Persian Gulf will increase the price of oil to $100 a barrel.” According to him, this price will not be bearable for the United States and Europe and their allies.

Several other Iranian military officials have also warned against negotiations and emphasized on enhancing Iran’s military capabilities.

One Army official, Habibollah Sayari, stated: “Europeans might have many dreams, but we will not allow their dream of negotiating over Iran’s missiles come to reality.”

While referring to Iran’s military power and influence in other countries of the region, Ali Fadavi, the deputy commander of IRGC said Iran’s presence in Syria is a “divine duty”.


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