Rouhani: INSTEX is worthless, uranium enrichment will increase


According to Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani, “INSTEX is empty and there is nothing in it”. He continued: “We will increase enrichment to any level that we need.”

On Wednesday, July 3, during the cabinet meeting, while addressing the Western powers, President Rouhani said: “As we announced before and wrote in a letter for you, we will take the next steps on the 60th day.”

Rouhani warned: “After July 7, if you do not comply with your commitments regarding Arak nuclear plant, the Islamic Republic will return Arak nuclear plant to its former conditions. To the same conditions that you deemed dangerous because we would be able to produce plutonium. (It will happen) Unless the West complies with its commitments regarding the Arak nuclear plant.”

“If today we exceed the 300 kg enrichment limit and continue enrichment, it is to maintain the JCPOA (nuclear deal). Because we say that the moment the other side complies with its commitments, we will bring our enrichment to under 300 kg and sell all our enriched uranium to Russia even if it’s 10000 kg, and get yellow cake in return,” Hassan Rouhani claimed.

The president of the Islamic Republic went on to say: “Regarding the heavy water, we have no commitment to 130 tons, and it might increase to 150 tons at any time. But if need be, we can sell it and return to 130 tons. All of our steps can be reversed in an hour. Why are you worried?”

Just a few days ago, the EU and Iran’s ministry of foreign affairs announced that the special EU-Iran trade vehicle known as INSTEX is now operational. But Rouhani said it was just “for show” and said: “It would only be relatively acceptable if there is money involved.”

He added: “You have a system without money. What’s the point? It’s like a bank with no money that is still called a bank.”

Rouhani accused Trump of lighting the fire of war in the region and said it is up to Trump to stop it.

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