Protests erupt in Iran after IRGC admits to shooting down Ukrainian plane | Iran International

Protests erupt in Iran after IRGC admits to shooting down Ukrainian plane


Thousands of Iranians protested across the country after the Islamic Revolutionary guard Corps admitted to shooting down the Ukrainian plane, killing 176 passengers.

Protesters have gathered in the cities of Babol, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, Abadan, Mashhad, Sanandaj, and Hamedan, chanting against the regime and holding vigils.

Police shot tear gas at the protesters in front of Amir Kabir University in Tehran. Protesters were chanting: “Incompetent officials, resign, resign; we didn’t sacrifice live in order to compromise and praise the murderous leader; shameless, shameless; death to dictator.”

At least 15 protesters were arrested in Bojnourd for holding a vigil and pictures of the victims.

The commander of IRGC’s aerospace force which was responsible for shooting down the plane, said in a press conference that armed forces are responsible for not preventing flight of passenger planes over Iran despite “war conditions”.

He added that the air defence system mistook the Ukrainian passenger plane with a cruise missile.

The IRGC on Saturday, three days after the incident, accepted responsibility for shooting down the Ukrainian plane which led to the death of 176 passengers and crew.

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