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Noor satellite photos from American base in Qatar are fake

Tasnim News Agency, close to the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), published some images on Wednesday morning that it claimed were taken by Noor satellite from the American base in Qatar. Meanwhile, military security experts who have analyzed the images announced that the photos are fake. 

The military security experts on social media say the images were made and edited by Photoshop. 

Previously, experts had cast doubts on the capabilities of Noor satellite. The IRGC launched the satellite in April of 2020. 

One week after the launch of Noor satellite, the commander of U.S Space Force, General John “Jay” Raymond compared the satellite to a “suspended webcam” that due to the low quality of its camera, its images have very little intelligence value. 

Noor satellite is the fifth “successful” satellite launch by Iran. The Islamic Republic has also had five unsuccessful satellite launches since 2015.

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