Newspaper close to Khamenei threatens Saudi Arabia with another attack

Kayhan newspaper, which is known as the voice of the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, threatened Saudi Arabia with another attack on its oil facilities and wrote: “The resistance can target Aramco again.”

In its editorial, Kayhan, which has Khamenei’s representative as its editor in chief, blamed Saudi Arabia for the protests in Iraq and warned that Saudi Arabia could once again be targeted by “the resistance.”

Kayhan claimed that “Saudis think they can pressure Iran by conspiring in Iraq,” and added that “weakening the resistance” is definitely one of their goals.

The editorial claims the attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities was the work of the Iran-backed Shia militia group Houthis of Yemen and says: “Saudis say the Aramco attacks were done by Iran’s allies, and Iran is also behind the severe blows they receive in Yemen from Houthis. But Saudis must keep in mind that the Houthis who caused $30 billion in damages to them are still part of the resistance and this part of the resistance can attack Aramco again and turn that 50 percent oil production to dust.”

Kayhan’s threat comes three days after Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic blamed Saudi Arabia for the protests in Iraq and Lebanon.

Houthis of Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack on Aramco oil facilities, but Saudi Arabia and the US and several European powers have blamed Iran directly for the attack and said Houthis do not have the capability to execute such attacks. There were 18 drones and at least 10 cruise missiles used in the attack.




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