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MP Qoddusi: Natanz incident occurred due to infiltration in security

MP Javad Karimi Qoddusi, member of national security and foreign policy committee rejected the possibility of an airstrike or a suspicious object being placed in the machines and said the incident occurred due to “infiltration in security matters”.

He did not offer more explanation about the “infiltration in security matters”.

“The investigation teams were reviewing the site of the incident… the possibility of a flying object from outside the fence hitting the building is almost ruled out,” Qoddusi added. “Our conclusion is infiltration in security matters. Because if something had hit the building from the outside, parts of it should have been found but nothing has.”

However, previously, MP Motahari had tweeted that “the enemy uses unidentifiable drones to attack, and does not accept responsibility for its actions in order to avoid our revenge.”

Meanwhile, Nour News, a website close to the Supreme National Security Council, accused Israel of involvement in the Natanz incident and had threatened retaliation against Israel’s nuclear sites.

Gholamreza Jalali, the head of Iran’s passive defense organization had previously announced that if it becomes clear that the incident has occurred due to a cyberattack, the Islamic Republic will retaliate.


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