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Ministry of Health opposes Rouhani on holding mourning ceremonies in Muhrram

While President Rouhani and the government of the Islamic Republic have announced that the religious mourning ceremonies in the month of Muharram will be held even in the coronavirus red zones in the country, the Ministry of Health opposed any crowded ceremony and distribution of food for charity. 

Under-Secretary of Health Alireza Raisi said on Tuesday: Regarding the religious ceremonies such as Eid al-Adha, Ghadir Khumm event, day of Arafah, and other events, we are preparing protocols, but the Ministry of Health’s clear position is to ban all crowded events during the month of Muharram, we specifically and strongly oppose any event held in a closed space. 

The under-secretary confirmed the projection of a 60 percent increase in coronavirus cases if the national university entrance exam and Muharram ceremonies are held. 

Three days ago, President Rouhani defended Muharram ceremonies across the countries and said: “There must be mournings for Imam Hossein everywhere, in cities and villages, whether in coronavirus red zone or white.”

Rouhani stated that these ceremonies are undeniable spiritual necessities.

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