Minister of Health contradicts the WHO's advice

Although the World Health Organization has advised not to use vitamin C to fight the coronavirus, the Deputy Minister of Health, Iraj Harirchi, claimed that 80 percent of corona patients have been cured by staying home, drinking liquids, and consuming vitamin C.

While the representative of Qom city in the parliament has claimed that 50 coronavirus patients have died in that city, the Deputy Health Minister denied this claim and said: “We have the information and the representatives of Qom city do not have any access to such information. There is a misunderstanding. This is not the time for political competition.”

He added: “If the number of casualties is even half of what the representative has said, I will resign.”

“We do not approve of quarantine. Quarantine is a phenomenon from before WW1. The Chinese aren’t happy with the quarantine either,” the deputy minister continued.

He also criticized the citizens for traveling and said: “When schools and universities are canceled, it is to ensure that people stay home and there’s less contact. But yesterday and today traveling have increased by 20 percent.”

Harirchi went on to claim that many countries in the world are secretive about the number of their dead and some neighboring countries do not have the capability to test for the virus.

He said: “We want to provide masks for the people in Qom ourselves and do it door to door.


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