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A member of Zarif’s media team seeks asylum in Sweden

The editor in chief of Moj News confirmed the reports about the agency’s journalist seeking asylum in Sweden and not returning to Iran with Foreign Minister Zarif.

Several news outlets in Iran have reported that Amir Tohid Fazel, the political editor of Moj News Agency, close to fundamentalists, "has refused to return to the country and applied for asylum in Sweden."

According to the editor in chief of Moj, since Fazel arrived in Sweden, he has not contacted the office.

Fazeli is the reporter who published the list made by a member of parliament about the possibility of dual citizenship for 45 members of the administration, including Hassar Rouhani, the president, Saeed Namaki, minister of health, and Masoumeh Ebtekar, the president’s advisor on women and family.

Without denying or confirming the report, Amir Tohid Fazel wrote on his Twitter on Sunday, August 25: “Everyone has the right to decide for their own life. Nobody knows about the future. Only the shortsighted talk without knowledge.”

He was criticized by other journalists from other media for causing problems for Zarif’s team and the foreign ministry.

Several reformist journalists criticized him for propaganda and creating outrage against them and later seeking asylum in Sweden.

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