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Mehdi Karroubi: The protests are not rooted overseas

While the Islamic Republic officials blame the recent country-side protests in Iran on the foreign countries, Mehdi Karroubi, an opposition presidential candidate in 2009 announced: “The root of the recent protests must be sought in the corruption, humiliation, discrimination, and inequalities of the regime and not overseas.”

In his message on Thursday, Karroubi said the Islamic Republic uses “economic war” as an excuse to rule in the style of the Qajar dynasty.

While mentioning the “violent and indescribable crackdown” on the protesters, Karroubi demanded the formation of an independent truth-seeking committee to “reveal the different aspects of this disaster and punish those who opened fire on the protesters,” adding: “The committee’s report will reveal who was behind the destruction of public property.”

Karroubi referred to Hossein Salami, the commander in chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as the “overnight general” and said his description of recent protests as a “world war” was among “ignorant comments that doubles the anger and hatred of the nation”.

He continued: “I’m surprised at the silence of political figures and influential groups in such disasters. “

Karroubi warned that shutting down the internet will destroy the remaining trust of the people.

While still under house arrest, Karroubi declared: “If I were free, I would have definitely visited the victims and their families.”


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