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At least four officials removed for contradicting reports on coronavirus crisis

While less than two months has passed from the official confirmation of coronavirus outbreak in Iran, and amidst heavy criticisms about the fake reports about the number of casualties, so far at least four government officials have been removed for providing stats that differed from the government’s official report.

The most recent case was Hassan Adeli, the Education Deputy of the Qom University of Medical Science, who had reported the discovery of coronavirus outbreak one week before the official date announced by the regime.

In an interview with Qom province’s local news, he had said that one week before the date announced by the regime, suspected COVID19 cases were discovered in Qom and 15 other provinces, but nothing was done due to the official order of the Ministry of Health.

One day before Adeli, the Dean of the University of Medical Science in Ardebil was also removed from his position by the order of the Minister of Health, Saeed Namaki.

Dean Akhavan Akbari had previously supported the comments made by the Chief of medicine of Imam Khomeini Hospital of Ardebil who had said that the official numbers of coronavirus victims are just a fraction of the real numbers.

The other official removed from their positions were the Ministry of Health representative in Gilan province who had described the situation in the hospitals of the province as painful.

The director of Qom’s Behesht Masumeh morgue was also fired after a video was released from inside the morgue showing dozens of bodies of coronavirus victims which were much more than the number announced by the government at the time.

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