At least 143 deaths and 7000 arrests during 10 days of protests in Iran

As Amnesty International published a report about the rise in the number of confirmed deaths in Iran during the protests, reaching at least 143, the spokesperson for the national security committee announced that so far around 7000 protesters have been arrested.

Amnesty International announced on Monday that according to reliable sources, the number of protesters killed in Iran has reached to at least 143.

The country-side protests in Iran started 10 days ago with a sudden gasoline price-hike, and according to Ali Fadavi, the deputy commander in chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, it spread to 28 out of 31 provinces of Iran.

In response to the protests, the Islamic Republic completely shut down the internet and the security forces began a brutal and often bloody crackdown on the protesters.

In its previous report, Amnesty International had announced that at least115 protesters have been killed in Iran, but new evidence and reports have increased the number to at least 143.

At the same time, Hossein Naghavi, the spokesperson for the national security committee in the parliament announced that around 7000 protesters have been arrested across the country.

This number is almost twice the number of arrests for the country-wide protests in January of 2018. Unofficial sources had previously estimated around 4000 arrests for last week’s protests.

The chairman of Ray city council said on Monday that the number of arrests in Tehran is very high, to a point that “Fashashuyeh prison does not have enough space for them.” He added: “The prisoners’ conditions are not good. There were too many prisoners before these arrests, and after the recent events, the number has increased even more.”




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